Empress Veneras
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Name/Nicknames: Valkyrie Queen/The Chosen One/The Demi-God
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Vahalla City
Occupation: Empress, Supreme ruler of The Valkyrie Kingdom

Affiliation: The Valkyrie Empire, Valkyrie Order
Age: Unknown
Species: Demi-God
Official Residence: Vahalla Palace, Vahalla City
Skills: Leadership, Diplomacy, Magis, Negotiation Skills, And much more
Powers: Royal, Political, Economic, Military, Magic; Light, Dark, Nature, Fire, Water, Air, Arcane, Fel

Early LifeEdit

Veneras was Only a Young Princess when the Valkyrie Empire Turned in to a Empire her Mother at the Time had Decided that the Women of the Royal Family would lead not the man. Veneras alway Loved her Mother and Father but Felt something Wierd towards her Mother as if she was not all she seemed. Veneras was a Curious girl and had a Love for Animals off all Size's. Unfortuntley She discovered One day her Mother was a God, a God that there City worshipped, Her Mother Left after seeing her Daughter found out her Secert. Veneras was Teared but she contiuned with her Studys and ever year her Mother would come on her Birthday and Give her a Persent...

Teenage LifeEdit

When Veneras was a Young Adult when a Terrible Problem befalled her, her Father who had been ruling Untill Veneras was old enought pasted away unexpectedly in the Night, The Whole Kingdom attend his Funeral in His honor. Veneras was alone in her Room for 2 Days during this Time, Honra The Valkyrie Grand Master took over for 2 Days that Veneras was unable to take on her Role's as Princess.

Veneras's CoronationEdit

On a Day that will be Remember within the Empire as The Day of the Heavens. Upon turning 20 Years of age, Veneras's Coronation was Organised to be hold within the Middle of the Year, During the Festival of the Valkyrie. As her Coronation was Held right in the Middle this was ment to mean good luck to Veneras's and Her People. So upon the Day she walked up the Grand Cathedral to the Statue of her Mother and Before The Grand Master Valkyrie and The Grand Advisor and the Cathedral High Priest and she was Crown Empress Veneras Goldenwing, Empress of the Valkyrie Empire and Queen of the Valkyrie. Her First Order from there was that a Organsation sould be Built in Order to Gain Infomation on the 'Other World' (The Other World is Azeroth as There Empire is Held within a Different Realm.) .This Organsation would be come to be Called the Silver Rose.

Small Note:

I would like to thank Darabi for Making the Character Infomation Table.