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Guild InfomationEdit

The Valkyrie Empire is a Strict Empire Rp Guild

Guild is a Empire Guild complete with 24/7 Rp Area's

Guild Features:

  • 2 RP Area's
  • Guild Uniforms and Custom Gear
  • A Wealth of Ranks and Groups to Join with in the Guild
  • The Empire Acts like a Real Life City with Lots of Events
  • City Festievals Every now and then (Read Empire Festievals for More Infomation)

Our Guild is guild that wish to go to Profection with RP's

Guild RulesEdit

Guild Rules must be Followed to the Letter and Must never be Broken.

Rules are as Followed:

  • You Must always been IC with a Guild City/Area Only OOC Area is the OOC Lounge.
  • No Morphs are Allowed to be Used at Anytime (This Excludes Shaman and Druid Morphs).
  • A Guild Officer Must always be Listen to.
  • Do not Ruin another Person/Guilds Rp as You are you bear our Guild name and will Giving Us a Bad Reputation.
  • Trolling Of Other members will be ment with a Instant Account Ban no Buts.
  • Grammar Must be used no 'Leet Talk' is Allowed
  • You are Required to Speck English with in the Guild Area's No Buts.
  • Metagameing is Big No no, You must formal Meet the Person E.g. Say your name then Ask for there's When you begin your Conversation.
  • A Person Bearing a Title E.g Advisor, Minister, Commander my Always be ment with a My Lord or My Lady with Female Character (See Guild Ranks for More Infomation,)
  • Being a Higher Rank then someone does not give you a Right to make them pretty much your Slave, Treat them Like another Human Being and Always give general Real life Respect, Respect is a Main thing within our guild it is not taken littley this Includes ignoring people.
  • Always Treat a Royal Family Member with the Must-Best Respect IC and OOC as they are Guild Admins/Empire Leaders
  • ERP is Allowed along as it is being used to increase a Character relationship and Must be emoted in Group chat and in the Private of your Recidence (House within the Empire)