The Imperial army is the main army of the empire and most resourceful faction within the empire. The Imperial has many factions within it, this being the Imperial Guard, Imperial Rangers, Imperial Navy, Imperial Beast Tamers, and the imperial Reavers (Imperial Knights).

The Imperial Army is lead by Grand High lord, however they all answer to the Empress, and the resources are provided by the Imperial Government, but then again the government to the Empress as well.

Each Battalion is within a regiment and each regiment is commanded by a Commander, every commander answer’s to Grand high lord who in return reports to the Empress.

The Imperial Army has major support from the Imperial Engineer’s; they supply the imperial army, with cannons as well as Ballista’s. The Imperial beast tamers also grant many beasts to the Army as they are part of it.

When the Imperial Army goes to war they take the full might of the Valkyrie Empire with them.