The Imperial Palace, the crown jewel and most powerful structure within the whole empire, heavily guarded with soldiers, beasts and powerful magic and magical Weapons. The Imperial palace was built long ago during the major construction of the empire, and was seen as a massive and powerful building for time of need but also a Sign of beauty.

The Walls and Gardens/CourtyardEdit

The Imperial palace is know for is stunningly beautiful gardens and grand fountains, the sheer beauty of the gardens was jealous within the whole empire, however the walls around the Imperial Palace are heavily Guarded and almost undestroyable, as they are defend not only by the wall that is made of Titanrock, the powerful rock for building in the world, but by it being protected by 5 Imperial Archmages that power the Shield around it. This Shield can hold back catapult fire, magic, fel, as well as simple arrows, the archmages till this day are to find a weapon capable of breaking thought the shield.

The Gardens behide the Walls however are of sheer beauty and love, by the Royal Caretakers, there is always a flower within the garden that is always in bloom, the Fountians are amazing scuplted by royal architects, and made sure to keep strong and beautiful, so all who looked upon them would be impressed. The Gardens themselves were much more beautiful enriched by the fountains, as are the fountains to the Flowers and plants.

The Courtyard of the Imperial Palace is home to the Legendry Flame Spire, with the amazing inscription that say in a different language "Yo nors lon mores finora" meaning This Empire will never Fall.