Sentinal, Main Port City of The Valkyrie Empire


  • Golden Port
  • Western Gateway
  • Grand Shipyards

City Details.Edit

Achitecture: 5/5

Defence: 5/5

Resources: 5/5

Military: 3/5

Magic: 5/5

Technology: 5/5

City HistoryEdit

Sentinal was formed after Vahalla's port was not large enough to accomodate there new large navy. The idea for a port in order to contain the grand imperial navy and in order to rare and unique supplies for the empire.

Sentinal is Also home to the grand shipyards which contains many different types of ships and frigates and many types of battleships, as well as many different small Ships that come in with all of supplies for Vahalla, Niffhelim and Sentinal itself.

The City itself was built 20 years after the The Valkyrie Empire turned from a kingdom in to a empire, and the need for there ever growing need for supplies was incresed with the large increase in population, as a point Sentinal Port was built so that Empire could gain all the Supplies they needed.

How ever unlike the main city Vahalla, Sentinal does not have a large military it mainly is a sailor city the a warrior city, However these has not stop the government from send a monthly battlion to the city in order to defend, to atone for this, there is a military fortress know as the Mountian Blade that over looks the Port City,

City Defence'sEdit

These are the defence's that defended Sentinal. The defence's are as followed:

  • Cannon Tower - Tower's that around the edges near the Port..
  • Inferno Tower - Giant flame towers that have Arch-Pyromancers manning them in order to destroy ships
  • Stormspike - A giant spike the shoots bolts of pure lightinng, that bounce of ships and Burns multipile Ships
  • Sea Serpent Pen's - Massive Pens that contain Highly Trained War Hydra's.

City LandmarksEdit

These is a list of the landmarks within Sentinal. This landmarks make Sentinal unique:

  • Wing Tower's - Two massive Light House, that guide ships in to the city.
  • Grand Shipyards - These are the main shipyards of the Whole Empire and are extremely Heavly Guarded.

Factions/Groups Within The City.Edit

These are the groups/factions within Sentinal:

  • Imperial Guard - A Battlion of the Main Army
  • Imperial Navy - Sentinal is the Central of Navy Operations
  • Imperial Beast Tamers - Imperial Beast Tamer are responable for Train the Empire's war animals (NPC Only Faction)
  • Region Government - A small version of the Imperial Government special organisned to keep Sentinal under the Watchful eye of the Imperial Governement.
  • Imperial Shipwrights - The Imperial Ship Builders (NPC Only Faction)

Gods And Goddess Worshipped in SentinalEdit

Gods and Goddess Worshipped in Sentinal are:

  • Anra - Goddess of The Valkyrie, Magic, Light and Life
  • Horric - God of Beasts and Monsters
  • Oceanus - God of Sea's and Storms

The Only Problem is Sentinal has No Fast Transport DevicesEdit