Vahalla, Captial of The Valkyrie Empire


  • Unsiegeable City
  • The Golden City
  • City of the Gods

City DetailsEdit

Achitecture: 5/5

Defence: 5/5

Military: 5/5

Resources: 5/5

Technology: 5/5

Magic: 5/5

Other Citys: 2

City History.Edit

Vahalla Captial of The Valkyrie Empire and Home of the Royal Family.Vahalla was Once a Small City but has Grow to a Huge Size, Vahalla is the Capital of the Empire is most Advanced City within the Empire and is Highly protected by Powerful Soldier's and War Beasts.

Vahalla was Founded in First Year of The Valkyrie Empire, Vahalla's Area was once a Massive Forest and Mountain range but was made it to a Small Settler's Town, But grow at a Massive Rate, Within two months it was a City and Within a Year it had become a Capital of the Kingdom.

After five Years under the Rule of Queen Anra (Valkyrie Goddess and Mother of Empress Veneras) it was Decreed that There Kingdom become a Empire and a Massive One at that. Vahalla Was then Official Named Capital of The Valkyrie Empire.

As the City grow so Did the Empire's Technology and There Magic and Defence Skills. Vahalla However is Not the Capital for Magic within the Empire, That however is the Ancient Hidden Niffihelm Vault, Home of the Witchs and Sages of the Empire, Aka The Twilight Order (This Group will be Added as the Guild Grows)

Vahalla However is Home to the Greatest Group of Warrior-Mage within the Empire aka The Valkyrie Order they are The Personal Guards/Army Of the Empress herself.

Vahalla Has grow to Such a Size that One day a Cavern was Discover which lead deep to the Venhigher Caverns Deep Within the Mountain Range, It was Settled and Is know a Booming Underground City and the Largest Producer's of the Empire's Metal and Ore.

Vahalla is Also Home to a Titan Forge a Massive Forge Workshop owned by a Massive Storm Giant who Forge's the Best Weapons and Armour in the Empire, He is Responable for the Royal Family's Weapons and Armour as well as the Valkyrie Order's Weapons and armour.

Because of Vahalla Area, The Only Way to it is By Air.

City Defence'sEdit

Vahalla's Defence are Great is Sheer Power and Unstoppable Force. Here are Some of the City's Defences:

  • Massive Cannons - Cannons Capable of Make holes in a Army.
  • Imperial Eagle Nest's - Home to Massive Highly Trained Imperial Eagle's
  • Magic Fire Tower's - Tower's Capable of Roasting Intruder's Alive.
  • Magic Ballista Tower's and Post's - Magically Control Tower's and Post's that Impale Intruder's
  • Hound Pits. - Home to the Empire's War Lions and Stalker Hounds
  • Thunder Tower's - Massive Tower's that Create Lightinning Bolts to Attack Eneimes
  • Angel Mirror's - Extremly Powerful Tower's With Mirror's Capable of Bounch of Intruders and Roasting them Alive - Only Found in the Palace.

City Forms of Transport.Edit

These are Vahalla's Forms of Transport around and Out of the City:

  • Air Tower - Brings In New Arrivals to the City and Takes People Out.
  • Portal Orbs - A Quick Way to get Around the Quarter's of the City. ( This is Done by IC Teleports and Rec's a IC Teleport would be e.g. /e Walks up the Portal orb and Teleport's to Such and Such)

City Landmarks.Edit

These are the Rare and Legendary Landmarks of Vahalla and Where they are Found:

  • Grand Arena - Arena District
  • Grand Markets - Civil District 2
  • Air Docks - Work District
  • The High Acadmey - Royal District
  • Grand Council Room - Inside of the Palace
  • Royal Archives - Inside of the Palace
  • Fire Spire - Courtyard of the Palace
  • The Imperial Palace - Royal District
  • Grand Cathedral - Cathedral District

Groups/Factions Within the CityEdit

These are Groups/Factions of the City and What they are About.

  • Imperial Army - The Main Army
  • Valkyrie Order - Empress's Private Army
  • Imperial Government - Government of the City (Found in The Royal District)
  • Twilight Order - The Witches and Sages of the City (Found Only in the Royal Archives)
  • Sparkrocket Tinker's - The City's Engineer's and Architects (Found in the Royal District)
  • Sky Riders - Empire's Dragonriders (Found in the Dragon Spire aka. The Tower at the Back of the City.)
  • Holy Order - Empire's Religon Leaders (Found within the Grand Cathedral)

God/Goddess Worshipped here.Edit

These are The Gods and Goddess Worshipped in Vahalla:

  • Anra - Goddess of The Valkyrie, Magic, Light and Life.
  • Amna - Goddess of Nature and Harvest.
  • Havoric - God of War and Military
  • Horric - God of Beasts and Monsters

Military Fortress.Edit

These are Vahalla's Military Fortress:

  • Sky Fortress - The Floating Fortress of Vahalla (Only Accessabile by Magic Orb)